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With festive foods and delicious holiday drinks. Plus, find all your Christmas gifts - and a little something for yourself – at one of our 60+ European and local artisan huts.

Adore Alma
Adore Alma is a charming accessories boutique celebrating the beauty and true essence of being a women. Designed to last and wear every day, their luxurious accessories are made for women to sparkle, feel elegant, and comfortable. Inspired by timeless classics, feminine silhouettes, and elegant aesthetics, we are committed to bringing together exquisite craftsmanship, sophisticated premium fibers, and perfect fit, that go beyond trends and come without high markups.
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Barista Brothers Coffee
Many Seattleites would agree that coffee is the areas quintessential beverage of choice. Make sure to grab a cup at Barista Brothers Coffee Company. Whether it's a coffee, latte, cider, or hot chocolate, they, along with Ho Ho Hot Chocolate offer delicious beverages to keep you warm as you explore the market.
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Bee Hütte
Mallory Wiebe is the Founder and Queen Bee at We Bee Kind. Her mission is simple: To provide the best CBD products possible in a sustainable way and make them accessible to everyone. Her own experiences led her down the road of making her own bath and beauty products in an effort to avoid harsh and often dangerous chemicals that are found in many everyday products.

CBD is an amazing molecule and at We Bee Kind, we believe in being kind to one another and our planet. That’s why you’ll never find SLSA, polysorbate 80, dyes or chemicals in our products. Our customer’s health and safety is our highest priority. None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals and are ethically created in Bellingham WA.

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Bluestem Botanicals
Drink your garden. Bluestem Botanicals connects people with plants for food, for medicine and for our collective future.
Organically grown and carefully crafted.
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brat haus
Bratwurst Haus
Bratwurst also known as a brat in American English, is a sausage usually composed of veal, pork or beef. Bratwurst is usually grilled or pan fried, and sometimes cooked in broth or beer. How the sausages are served is locally different, but most commonly they are regarded as a snack served with or in a Brötchen (white bread roll made from wheat flour) and eaten with hot German mustard. As a pub dish, it is often accompanied by sauerkraut or potato salad. It is a very popular form of fast food in German-speaking countries, often cooked and sold by street vendors from small stands.
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Brezel Hütte
Kaffeeklatsch Seattle was established in 2011, providing traditional German Baked goods as well as fresh coffee to the North Seattle area. 12 years later, Kaffeeklatsch is the main Seattle producer of Stollen, Pretzels, and fine German pastries. At the Seattle Christmas Market they will be front and center providing 'Brezeln' to all the hungry shoppers, while selling delicious German holiday cookies along with traditional Stollen.
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Behind the name are extravagant and high-quality chocolate gift items that are 100% made by hand. In 2009, Choocoidea presented their traditionally made chocolate products for the first time at the German Christmas market. The positive feedback and the joy they get from their extravagant products give them the strength to develop and implement innovative ideas for chocolate processing. They have put together their range of chocolate products with creativity and attention to detail. Today, selected stores around the world distribute their exclusive ideas for gifts and handmade creations.
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Craft Master Growlers & Glass
Craft Master Growlers is a premier provider of high-quality stainless-steel growlers and glass drinkware. We specialize in crafting pressurized stainless-steel growlers, keeping beverages fresh and carbonated for weeks. Their collection also includes captivating tiki glasses and barware, perfect for enhancing beverage presentations.

With customization options and exceptional craftsmanship, Craft Master Growlers elevates drinking experiences for individuals and businesses alike.

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Cream Puff Haus

As a young child, Chef Selma fled the war in Bosnia and found refuge in Germany; where she fell in love with their traditional Christmas Markets. Selma eventually moved to the United States and lived in the midwest where she met her husband, Eric. Today, Selma and Eric live in Seattle with their two children, while successfully running their company, Baked in Bosnia.

Known as Princes Krofna in Bosnia, these Cream Puffs are choux pastries filled with chilled decadent custard and real whipped cream. With a dusting of powdered sugar, it is rich but not overly sweet.

Made locally by hand from scratch.

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20230412_102152 - Scott Cleese
Das BBQ Haus
The Black Flag uses only premium ingredients to create the best BBQ Sauce in the Pacific Northwest!
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JamieSlye7 (2) - Jamie Slye
Das Hat Haus
Style is a personal expression of what lies within.

"At Jamie Slye, it is our mission to create distinct high-quality hats that complement unique personalities and empower individuals to express their own personal style."

While their entire collection was originally inspired by personalities and important figures in Jamie’s life, each hat is ready to be molded into future versions of themselves with every new owner and every new journey. Jaime Slye strives to make the perfect hat for everyone, offering 20 different unisex hats and custom-made wood hat racks.

All of our hats are designed in Seattle, WA, and made in America.

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Wiener Schnitzel, vienna Schnitzel,
Das Schnitzel Haus

What Exactly is Schnitzel? Schnitzel is a dish that uses a thin carefully tenderized boneless meat cutlet that is breaded in flour, egg and breadcrumbs and then deep-fried. Schnitzels come in a variety of forms across different countries. If there is one Schnitzel that is famous – it would be the Wiener-Schnitzel (Wien = Vienna), which is from Austria and in its present form was first mentioned in the late 1800s. Traditionally, it is served with potato salad. A German twist is adding mushroom sauce which makes German Schnitzel a favorite in European Cuisine. Come try some schnitzel at Das Schnitzel Haus.

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