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Syrin – Handmade Slavic Gifts

Syrin has enjoyed bringing authentic Eastern European gifts to customers around the world for over thirty years. They have been a part of Holiday markets, operating under different names in North America and Europe.

Working with countless artists and carvers, primarily from Ukraine, they meticulously handpick items to be part of their annual curated collection. Particularly in North America, they have built a life-long relationship with their customers, and have been delighted to continue bringing unique selections to markets each and every year.

The ideology behind their name focuses on symbolism of eternal joy and creative inspiration. Syrin is a mythical creature of Slavic legends, with a head of a beautiful woman and the body of a bird. She sings beautiful songs, foretelling future bliss, and inspires artists to create their masterpieces. Syrin is as fast and difficult to catch as human happiness.

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