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Lunaraya Bath & More

Founded in 2020 in Seattle, Lunaraya is a self-care brand rooted in a rich family tradition of soap making that spans three generations since 1950s.

Their mission is simple yet impactful: "To make your day better! Enhance the lives of individuals that we reach." Lunaraya understands the demands of modern life and the need for rejuvenation amidst the hustle.

Lunaraya believes in the power of everyday rituals and products that brings you small happiness, Joy – from showers to baths and beyond – to elevate well-being and bolster productivity.

Products range from well-being supports to personal care enriched by nature and safe for life, like soaps, bath salts, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, body oils, and lip balms. Support beyond the bathroom with linen spray, diffusers, and hair accessories, as they make your life better!

Experience Lunaraya – where the tradition of generations meets the aspirations of today, offering exquisite products that resonate with your pursuit of wellness.

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