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Forest Fancies

United States

Forest Fancies transforms natural wonders into wearable treasures. Shaun and Erin Austin are the husband & wife duo behind Forest Fancies, using lapidary and electroforming skills to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. What began with a mutual love of beachcoming has blossomed into a flourishing business that allows the creativity of both to shine. Shaun cuts and polishes all of their stones, transforming them into necklaces, earrings, and neolithic-inspired beads.

Taking care to source ethical and unique materials for their pieces, they are especially drawn to the abundance of PNW sourced materials, and many are even self-collected! To create their whimsical copper jewelry, Erin uses an acid solution and electricity to plate the copper over stones, crystals, and other found objects. She is especially fond of using real organic materials like mushrooms and flowers, preserving the delicate details forever.

Together they lovingly curate an interesting collection of specimens to mix in with the handcrafted items. Including many varieties of tumbled stones, all self-polished, plus raw crystals and fossils. Forest Fancies hopes to provide a little dash of history, education, and wonderment for attendees of all ages!

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