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Ukrainian Borsch & Varenyky

Ukrainian Borsch and Varenyky bring you a piece of Ukrainian traditional dishes, such as Vegetarian Borsch, perfect for those who want to keep themselves warm during the cold weather. Varenyky (also known as perogies) with freshly WA-grown potatoes or fresh homemade cottage cheese. With side options of crispy bacon chunks, rich Canadian style sour cream, fried onions with sour cream and shredded spicy carrots. Can’t forget about their fresh L’viv Syrnyk (Ukrainian Cheesecake) with poppy seeds, homemade cottage cheese, and dried apricots.

They can be found under the name of “European Foods,” located here in Seattle. As a family-operated business since 1997, they were the first Eastern European grocery/restaurant in WA. Oksana has kept their family’s secret recipe from Ukraine since she immigrated here to Seattle and hopes everyone can have a taste of traditional Ukrainian borsch and varenyky.

A percentage of their profit will go towards Ukraine.

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