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Roselent Succulent Haus

United States

Roselent is a small business dedicated to unique potted succulents. Its owner, Janny Ye, began as a succulent enthusiast and later transformed her passion into a career. She was captivated by their vibrant colors, diverse styles, and the way they adapted to different environmental conditions.

To highlight various succulent characteristics, she curated a collection of planters that complemented the unique features of succulents. Roselent's primary goal became providing pot and succulent combinations that were truly unique. Another key objective at Roselent is to ensure that there is something suitable for everyone. The business offers a wide variety of succulents, ranging from rose-like varieties to rock-like lithops, as well as succulent arrangements and branching clusters. Each creation is distinct from the others. Succulents and pots are also available individually, allowing customers to mix and match to create their own custom plant. For those who wish to add a personal touch, planting kits include everything needed for potting succulents. Additionally, there is a vast selection of miniature figurines available to decorate your plants!

Whether you are searching for a gift or an addition to your living space, you can discover a large selection of succulents, planters, accessories, and other succulent-related items at Roselent Succulent House. Their personalized approach to products offers a unique shopping experience. Pay a visit to this succulent boutique at the Seattle Christmas Market to see what they have to offer!

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