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Nutcracker Emporium

Nutcracker Emporium offers hand-crafted nutcrackers, light arches, pyramids, window hangers, smokers and hand-carved ornaments.

According to German folklore, nutcrackers we given as keepsakes to bring luck to the family and protect the home. It is said that they represent strength and power and watches over the family keeping evil spirits and danger away.

While incense has been around for thousands of years, the German Smokers, or Rauchermen, originated in the late 1600s in the Miriquidi Forest area of southeastern Germany. The first German Smokers were carved from a single piece of wood and made into small figurines that resembled German villagers.

Christmas pyramids were originally hung from the ceiling of German families ' houses. The custom spread across Europe, mainly to Italy and England and was brought to America by German immigrants in the 1700s. The origins of the Christmas pyramids date back to the Middle Ages.

By taking home one of thesepieces, you'll bring your family authentic novelties that'll be enjoyed for years to come!

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