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Little Paws Hütte

Little Paws Collection began as the brainchild of Kylie Mitsuda, an animal lover who saw a need for a pet products that catered to both pets and their devoted owners. Kylie's journey starts in a small apartment, where her own dogs Eevee & Yuki, inspired her to create a business that celebrated the profound bond between humans and their furry canine or feline companions. Shortly after, Kylie added a third dog, Mika, to her pack and they are the heart and soul behind what it has become today.

With unwavering determination, Kylie handpicked a curated selection of products, ranging from top-quality pet treats and engaging toys to stylish pet accessories. Each item was chosen with the intention of enhancing the lives of pets and the happiness of their owners. Her journey was significantly bolstered by the dog-loving community that supported her every step of the way.

Through Instagram, she connected with fellow pet enthusiasts, both owners and influencers, who shared her passion. Their encouragement, shared experiences, and valuable insights helped Little Paws Collection grow and thrive. Kylie assembled a dedicated team of brand representatives who are equally passionate about the mission. These individuals are true advocates for the brand and helped spread the love of Little Paws Collection within the pet community.

Little Paws Collection's showcases not only the carefully selected products but also the heartwarming stories of pets and their owners. It became a hub for sharing moments of joy, laughter, and the deep bonds that existed between people and their furry companions. Her aspiration was to create a haven for dog and cat lovers, celebrating the love, compassion, and joy that these beloved animals bring into our lives. Kylie, her three loyal companions, Eevee, Yuki, and Mika, and the entire community of pet enthusiasts and brand representatives continue to nurture this dream, one little paw at a time.

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