VCM cup closeup (been used for giveaways in 2019)
VCM cup closeup (been used for giveaways in 2019) VCM Gluhwein 2 (2)

Das Apfel Haus

Nostalgic and comforting, sweet and spiced, Das Apfel Haus features traditional German apple drinks. Come on by and sip on an authentic or traditional apple drink, and you will feel transported to Germany – the original home of the Christmas Market!

If you would like to spice up your apple cider a little more, you can order the cider squared. You will receive a cup of hot apple cider spiced with a shot of Berentzen Apple Schnaps.

About Berentzen:

Over the last 260 years, Germany’s Berentzen distillery has grown to become one of the leading spirits and liqueur producers in Europe, crafting primarily grain-based fruit liqueurs. As one of the continent’s oldest distilleries, Berentzen has perfected its craft with centuries of passed-down knowledge and closely monitored production.

Made according to a traditional family recipe from finely roasted wheat grain and specially selected sun-ripened apples, Berentzen Apple Liqueur has a crisp fresh taste with rich natural flavors. On the nose, you’ll be met with enticing aromas of apple tart crust, buttery brown sugar, and caramel undertones.

The decadence continues on the palate with toasted sugar and flavors of freshly baked apple crumble that will whisk you away to an old-fashioned bakery. Berentzen Apple Liqueur is deliciously sweet yet balanced by a clean, dry finish.

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